Monday, January 27, 2014

Highlights of 2013

  •  In November we received our Non-Profit status from the IRS
  • Between March and November, there were 41 guests to the Ranch
  • The Cabins were in use 238 days during our open season
  • The Red Cabin Remodel was completed in April
  • Our support has reached $900 a month!
  • Over $15,000 in donations have been received this past year
  • Bob and Ruth Silver joined our board of directors
  • We discovered that Tiffany is expecting a baby in July!

              Looking forward in 2014

  • Currently, we are working on converting an unused bedroom in the tan cabin into a laundry/storage room.  We hope to have this completed by March 1st. We need to build a building for this eventually, but we aren't going to be able to complete a new building structure by April.  
  • Currently, we are looking for a couple to be Living Springs Ranch hosts this summer.  We are praying for someone with a heart for ministry who has been in ministry.  We are putting an article in a publication for retired pastors asking for a couple to help host.  Tiffany will not be able to do everything with the baby in coming in July, so help is going to be much needed.
  •  The month of March is dedicated to preparing the tan cabin for hosts for the summer.  We will be repainting the interior and doing general maintenance.  We will be hanging new curtains/rods and updating some of the décor. We are doing a Cowboy/lodge theme with the tan cabin.
  •       Saturday, March 22nd we are having our Spring Clean-up day to get ready for opening in April! We will need help with things like, raking pine straw, spreading gravel, uncovering the flower beds and general sprucing up.
  Thank you all for your love and support in making 2013 a great year.  Even though we had fewer individuals retreating this year compared to last year, our guests stayed longer and the cabins saw more use. It turned out to be the busiest year that Jay and I have been running the Ranch.  We were able to see the ministry helping several people in concrete ways. It was incredibly encouraging, humbling and exciting.  Seeing people being blessed makes us want to keep working to provide this for more people.

    We could use some volunteer help with all of our remodeling this spring… if you love painting or handiwork we've got a job for you!

    We would appreciate your prayers as we embark on the journey of this New Year!  
                               Tiffany and Jay


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  1. So excited about your ministry. Congrats on the new baby coming! It's so important to take care of mommy & baby during pregnancy - I'll be praying that God sends you the perfect couple to host while you're becoming new parents!!! God's blessings on you.