Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jay and I think this picture is hilarious! If we just get the horses in it all the pets would be together!

Highlights of the past 2 weeks include

  • Jay and I getting to go to the "Art of Marriage" video seminar this past weekend. It was a special time for us to focus on our marriage and each other. Being laid off has certainly been a blessing in many ways to Jay and I. This has been the first ever seminar that we have been able to go to together since Jay wasn't working Friday night and Saturday.
  • Organizing our upstairs office area. Jay added a table and chairs to one of the corners! I am so excited as this means that we now have somewhere other than the kitchen table to work on planning and projects. I can't wait to use it!
  • Jay building me a cat-proof platform next to the window in our utility room for me to start my flower seed on.
  • Buying various flower seeds to start indoors. Jay and I are hoping to revitalize the flower beds and landscaping around the cabins this spring. It's great to be getting started!

Well, that is about all for now! We hope you all are doing well!


Jay and Tiffany Paulson

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

It's definitely winter at the ranch!
Life has been busy and full here lately. I am feeling like we are getting more organized and it's such a good feeling! Jay has been working on lots of projects during his time off. Yesterday he installed a hot water heater in the kitchen that dispenses nearly boiling water from a tap. Wow! Talk about getting spoiled!
Since Hunter died in December we have missed not having a dog. After several times of feeding horses in the dark and being alone at night while Jay is at work, I got to missing the extra reassurance that comes with having a big dog around.
So, we made a trip to a couple of the local animal shelters and came home with Barlow, a year and a half old, tan and white, male dog. He is calm, very sweet and listens well.
After observing and owning Barlow for a few weeks we realized that he is a wonderful dog but he is so laid back that he isn't very good as a watchdog. We started talking about possibly looking for a pal for Barlow who would still be a nice dog but who would let us know when someone comes around.
Enter Ranger! We found Ranger at the same shelter where we found Barlow. He is a Husky-Lab mix and looks alot like our Hunter. He is only about a year old and he has had very little training. It was a crazy first few days when we brought this guy home. He and Barlow wanted to play the entire time. Things are calming down now that they have had some time to get used to each other and Ranger is learning basic commands. We are hoping that in time, with training, we will have a couple of good dogs who will keep each other company and look after things here at the ranch.