Monday, May 20, 2013

Ranch Happenings

 Look!! I'm doing something!! This proves that I do something other than just take pictures!

It's past time for a new blog update! So here goes!

  • Living Springs Ranch officially opened its 2013 Season on April 1st
My Car full of cleaning supplies and bedding and towels for the cabins

  • April 2nd we had Spring cleanup workday with a great turnout!

Campfire after an awesome workday

  • April 31st we finished the Red Cabin remodel (pictures coming soon!) A big thank you goes to Bob and Ruth Silver and Roger and Dianna Ward for helping this happen!

My messy "to do" list for the Red cabin the day April 31 before guests arrived May 1st

Other random projects include-

Jay building a concrete protective wall for the water pipes behind the red 
cabin...hopefully there will be no  more frozen pipes now!

 Jay landscaping the hillside in front of our house

~ And Finally ~

  • We have had 17 guests so far this season!!  A huge thank you to Dianna for helping me clean cabins. 
  • As of right now we have about 20 more people scheduled to retreat on the books

Thank you all for your prayers and support!
Blessings, Jay and Tiffany