Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Happenings

I can't believe I haven't updated this sooner!

Life has been busy and full here.
Early in October our friends the Mathais came up from Oregon again for another speaking engagement in the area. They spent a weekend in the Mountain cottage. We are always glad to host them.
Mid-October we got to visit friends and family in Pennsylvania. It was wonderful to see everyone! Jay finally got to meet my extended family! One of our favorite highlights was getting to hike at Ricketts Glen state Park with my family. The fall colors were beautiful!! There are 21 waterfalls along about a 5 mile hike. We only had time to do half the trail but it was fantastic!
When we got back from our trip, Jay went back to work to a new and incredibly draining schedule. He has worked at least 70 hours a week since we have been back. He is getting up at 11:30 at night and getting home between 2-3 in the afternoon everyday. He gets home, eats dinner, maybe chills for an hour and goes to bed to start the cycle over. He just heard that his schedule is going to change next week. He will either start another route or be laid off for possibly 2 months, we'll find out soon.
Other happening in October include a lot of trash removal! Our friends Phil and Len Parent have been gradually moving over here from Hayden, Idaho. Because they are using Phil's big cube van to move - He's been bringing a load of their things over and taking a load of trash to the dump for us. It has been great to watch all the piles of junk that have accumulated over the years, start to disappear! We also did the first initial clear out of the Desert Cabin - trying to ready it for the remodel!
Getting the truck fixed was a huge blessing that happened last month. It's wonderful to have it start up right away without half an hour of work every time we use it. Now we can get more wood and we'll be ready to plow snow!
This month we've been concentrating on getting ready for winter.
Wednesday we worked on converting the old log cabin from a one stall barn for Sugar to a 2 stall shelter for both of the horses. We've got about another day's work to do to finish that project.
We've been getting firewood every chance we get. We got about 4 trees worth on Saturday. Right now we are just tossing it in a huge pile in front of our woodshed, with a tarp tossed over it. We'll split eventually! It's great that we can actually use our woodshed this year- last year it was full of various house parts from our unexpected kitchen remodel.
I did a little winter shopping for the cabins. I was able to get flannel sheets and a new comforter set for the mountain cabin.
The foggy mornings have been beautiful here, soon they will be frosty mornings as well.
We're still picking apples from our trees. I'm trying to beat the hard frost!! I've made apple sauce, apple juice, and apple pie filling. I'm hoping to freeze more pie filling soon.
Several of you have asked if our friends, the Parents, that I mentioned earlier, have moved here yet. Due to a job that Phil is working on they have been delayed several times in their move over here. They are hoping to finally make it over next week. We are looking forward to having them here.
We hope you all are doing well!
Blessing from the Paulsons
at Living Springs Ranch