Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wow! Time flies...can't believe how long it's been since I've updated this!
We had a good, full summer. Here are a few of the highlights
-I volunteered during the summer for Blue Waters Youth Ranch. BWYR is a non-profit organization that offers opportunities for Foster and Adopted kids to learn about horses and God's love. It was fun for me to be involved with a group of kids over the summer.

-We bought a roadworthy truck! It's made our life much simpler. It's been great to be able to haul lumber and other materials for projects without worrying if it will fit in our vehicle to take home!

-Jay and I took a trip in September to Glacier National Park. It was FANTASTIC!!! Jay's been there many times but it was my first trip. I loved it!! Just the two of us being able to get away to such an awesome place was amazing.

-Our woodshed got a new metal roof! Little by little we are replacing and feels good to get projects accomplished!

-In late October though early November I took an unexpected trip to Virginia to see my Grandma and my Aunt. I was able to stop and see my Family in Kansas for about 10 days as well. Getting to see everyone brought me such happiness!

New Truck on our Glacier trip!

The Cabins have had many guests since the last update.  Living Springs Ranch has had guests from Canada, Idaho, Oregon, and of course Washington over the past few months.
Our Friends the Smiths who have been staying here temporarily have been able to move to a more permanent housing situation. Although, we are glad they were able to move on, we'll miss having them around.
Currently we have another couple staying here for a few weeks as they finalize paperwork on the house that they are buying.
Recently, Jay and I have started a remodel of the Blue Cabin. In the bathroom we are replacing the shower stall, updating the vanity, installing a water efficient toilet, and repairing the floor. We are also putting fresh paint on all the walls and we will be looking to update a few pieces of the living room furniture.

                       Lake in East Glaicer        

There have been many blessings and encouragements to all of us involved in Living Springs Ranch over this past year.

Here is a sampling!

-The workday with the fantastic turnout of 23 people and lots of work accomplished
-Over the course of the year about $900 has been donated to Living Springs Ranch.
-Jay's Grandparents and Jay and I were unexpectedly blessed by the generous gift of a huge amount of groceries “just to bless us” for what we do here.
-The interest and support of many new people
-People volunteering their time to work on various projects here since the workday.

We want to thank each of you for your support and encouragement over this past year!!
May you all be blessed with a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!
Tiffany and Jay