Monday, April 15, 2013

More Red Cabin Pictures

The red Cabin Bathroom remodel is coming along! We have been blessed the last few weeks with lots of help from our friend Roger. He's put up drywall, done mudding,  taping, sanding and a host of other things!  He's been a huge help to us!  What a blessing!  Jay and Roger have been working together and making lots of progress... 

Here's Jay installing the tub surround, I helped with this project and it was a task 
and a half to get that sucker to fit in there!

We got it in! The new tub, surround and the new vinyl flooring

And the drywall is up! and the Ceiling too... and the mudding, taping and sanding is done!

And Jay is very happy....haha

A picture of my feet- to prove I actually WAS THERE!! Now if I could 
just get a picture of me doing guys might believe that I actually helped!

And we are getting closer!! We still need to put up the shower curtain and do
 various other sundries  I am sure a finished photo will be up here soon!

Lastly, this is the elusive but incredibly helpful, Roger. Hopefully,
I will get a better picture of him for the next post!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! 
Jay and Tiff

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